Posted | by Karlee Lauryn

Look Like a Celebrity for a Fraction of the Cost

Celebrities hit the red carpet looking like a million bucks. That’s because they can afford pricey gowns, expensive jewelry and stylists to help with their appearance. However, we can show you how to look like a celebrity if you don’t have a TV star’s financial resources.


Putting together stylish outfits, inspired by the hottest celebrity looks for a fraction of the cost is something we love to do for fans of Planet Karlee.  For example, we suggest starting by finding a celebrity whose style you like or someone who has a similar body type as you and working from there.  When trying to look like a celebrity, focus on the fit of an outfit rather than the designer because it won’t look good if it doesn’t fit well no matter who designed it. Part of the appeal of celebrity fashion is how well designer dresses or apparel fit the individual wearing them. We have great ideas from casual and sophisticated, to street and rocker styles.  


Also, we find that jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to look great that’s why we curated items that look real for a fraction of the cost of famous retailers. Celebrity wardrobes, such as Paris Hilton’s are all about the accessories. When people notice their outfit, they usually talk about handbags, sunglasses and jewelry. These accessories are often limited-edition bags that cost thousands of dollars, but we can help to find the same look for a lot less. Take a look at some of the amazing accessories we’ve curated as part of our Hollywood lifestyle.  Shop Now